VDI-in-a-Box Project Curacao

Updated! Download it now! Go to: http://www.citrix.com/downloads/vdi-in-a-box/betas-and-tech-previews/vdi-in-a-box-tech-preview.html login with your My Citrix account, start your download of choice and have fun!

It won’t be long now… Just a few more days and we’ll have something new to play with, again! For me personally VIAB is relatively new, I haven’t got that much experience with implementing and configuring the product, but I guess that’s all going to change within a few days’ time :-) A good test-case to see if it’s really as simple as they claim it to be, although we will probably run into an error or two I’m sure since this being the first Tech Preview release and all. Support for all the latest OS’s, HDX support, SSO through Access Gateway using the VIAB Web Interface and something about SSL, some cool new features. Unfortunately I won’t be able to test them all to the fullest but I will try and give you an idea on how and where configuration needs to be taken care off, screenshots included, off-course!

Bas van Kaam ©

Reference materials used: My Citrix


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