Excalibur Courses Roadmap

With all the Summit & Synergy madness going on you might have overlooked or missed the latest education / training news from Citrix (www.citrix.com/tv). Yesterday Citrix revealed their new Excalibur training roadmap or the ‘Excalibur Learning Journey’ as they like to call it, see below. It includes two introduction level courses (among others) of two hours each. The first one explains what Excalibur is all about and walks you through some of its new and improved features, the other one points out some useful tips and tricks to work with right from the get go. Both are here to help you decide to go with Excalibur right away or to wait another month or two :-) There might be a small fee to pay, not a 100% sure yet.

Next there are three support level courses of five days each targeted primarily at Service Desk representatives and junior to medior System Administrators. And last but not least three architect / implement level courses (also five days each) recommended for Consultants, Senior Administrators, ICT Architects and the like. Personally I can’t wait to jump in!

Excalibur Learning Yourney

The screenshot is taken from a Citrix (learning) instruction video hosted by Citrix’s Master CCI Mark Simmons. Unfortunately the video is no longer available, check training.citrix.com for more information on the available XenDesktop 7 courses. You will need your My Citrix credentials to log in. They also offer a free XenDesktop 7 Introduction course which can be taken online, it will take you about two hours to finish. The latest from Synergy is that Citrix Profiling (application streaming) is no longer supported in Excalibur, it’s all App-V from here on. What’s next..? I just had a look on the Training.Citrix.com website, it’s still called Excalibur although a name change is likely to follow the Keynote.

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Reference materials used: Citrix.com


4 thoughts on “Excalibur Courses Roadmap”

  1. Maybe I missed something, but of course it’s still called Excalibur. They’ve not officially released a final name yet. If I were a betting man, I’d wager that’s something to be revealed at the keynote tomorrow. After the name’s officially released, all the branding on all sites will likely get changed.

    1. I stand corrected, your’re absolutely right. Think I got confused with all the XenDesktop 7 release Tweets coming from the (Synergy) Summit, including the premature XenDesktop 7 announcement on Citrix.com/tv yesterday afternoon :-) Thanks, Blog is updated.



      1. Video not available anymore ? Unable find any reference to Xendesktop or excalibur learning journey.

  2. Hi Prodigy :-)

    That’s unfortunate. Probably has something to do with the name change. Thanks for mentioning. Well, the video basically explained what you see in the screenshot above, the dates haven’t changed as far as I know.

    Have a look here:


    Or do a search for XenDesktop 7 once logged in.

    You will need to log in with you’re My Citrix account. At the moment there are three courses available. One of them is Free! It’s called: Introduction to XenDesktop 7. It will take you about two hours to finish. The other two are called: Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Early Release and Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Early Release. Hope this helps?

    For more information on the FMA infrastructure see my lates Blog: http://basvankaam.com/2013/05/28/flexcast-management-architecture/



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