It’s time, I’m moving hosts!

Hi everybody, not to long from now I will move from to Why you ask? Well, although is very stable, secure and ‘easy’ platform, it’s limited as well. Plug-ins for example, where there are potential thousands for there are none for (sure, there is a default set that you can use, but if it’s not in there you’re out of luck) .org is just a lot more flexible when it comes to site design and overall functionality. However, using .org also means you’ll have to take care of back-ups and site security yourself, fortunately there are multiple excellent toolsets that can assist you with this. Ok, back to the move, what will change?

Of course the look and feel will be a bit different, but it’s still very lightweight and ‘clean’ that’s just the way I like it. As from a SEO, or Google, standpoint nothing will change, I will keep and since it’s still plain old WordPress I’m able to use the same paths, or notation, for all of my articles, so everything will stay reachable under the exact same addresses. However there is one other thing to note, my subscribers, if all goes as planned you guys will be transferred on a one on one basis, but it could take a day or two according to WordPress. Due note that if you subscribed via instead of e-mail, than you’ll need to reregister / subscribe to get mail notifications, once I post something new it will no longer appear on your ‘Reader’ section in, something to keep an eye on. That’s about it, I expect to have things up and running within a week or so.

Thanks for reading, to be continued…




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