About the Author

Here goes… My name is Bas van Kaam, I am 33 years old and part of the IT industry just short of 13 years. Started out as a Helpdesk support technician 14 years ago (did some other stuff in between) and have been climbing the ladder ever since. I Worked my way up to system engineering and architecting mostly through self-study, attending seminars and webinars which I enjoy doing. The best way to describe me as a professional, I guess, is as a thoroughbred IT generalist. Although I have been involved in several Citrix (XenApp) related projects in the past, most of my experience comes from Microsoft oriented projects, both I am passionate about.

Currently I am a senior engineer at Qwise, one of the leading SBC (Citrix) & Microsoft consultancy companies in the Netherlands, and involved in several projects throughout the year. I just finished my MCSA 2012 certification and the MCSE Desktop Infrastructure program as well, along with a few of my co-workers. Besides that my main focus for 2013 will be the Citrix portfolio as I’m trying to shift my focus more towards the Citrix side of things. I’m currently CCEE certified and if time permits I will try and finish the CCIA certification at a later stage in 2013.

I like to try and keep my knowledge level up to date, which is hard enough with all that’s going on these days. One of the methods I use, and who doesn’t, is to make notes, it’s an excellent way to absorb knowledge and making it stick. So why not blog about it from time to time?! I’m not under the assumption that this will attract dozens of readers or even more, and I don’t really care to honest, although it would be nice ;-)

For me it’s a perfect way for building up an online knowledge base (sort of) and perhaps share some knowledge along the way as well, time will tell.

All thoughts, views, research and stories told are my own, not my employers.

Have a good one!

Bas van Kaam ©


6 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Good luck Bas, i like ur article, I am preparing a presentation about citrix and mobile platforms relationship and what it can bring to mdm´s world. if you have something to help me I appreciate it. thnx

    1. Hi Winter,

      Nice! And thank you of-course. I did a Citrix presentation yesterday morning, it also included XenMobile and ShareFile. Make sure you have your story straight as far as XenMobile goes, the different editions etc… if they are not familiar with the concept it might be hard to get their heads around it :-) For me the MAM part (the MDX vault, Worx Apps) was the most challenging to explain, I just took my time and made sure I was prepared, although I was pretty nervous. Turned out great in the end, thank god :-) I included a few overall architecture overviews (pictures) to under-build my presentation, it helped! Good luck, let me now how it went. Sorry I couldn’t be more of a help.



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